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From: Owen Trimball
Written: Tuesday, 9:42AM...

Dear future "elite" trader,

Let me tell you something I hate, and then I'll tell you something I love.

I HATE seeing good people lose money in the stock market.

Nobody likes losing money. I've been there and done that. Perhaps that's why I have compassion for the millions of people who are currently losing so much of their financial worth.

People are losing their stock portfolios, losing their 401k's, losing their jobs due to the sour economy, and just generally getting spanked by Wall Street.

Unfortunately, I can't help the "masses" avoid financial loss.

It's just a part of how the game is played. Someone is always going to lose money.

However, I CAN help those who are willing to help themselves. And since you're here reading this page, that includes you :-)

In other words, someone is always going to lose money, but that "someone" DOESN'T have to be you!

And what do I love?

I LOVE empowering people to achieve success in their lives.

You will NOT find this system being taught by ANYONE else, and it absolutely has the potential to drastically change your life for the better!

However, I'm NOT going to feed you a bunch of "get rich quick" hype, because that's not what the Victory Spreads video is about, nor is it my style.

Instead, I'm going to get straight to the point and just tell you...

what this option trading strategy is all about

what it will do for you

what is included

and how you'll be able to access it.

Most people think the markets are too risky
and their approach is "hit or miss",
pure speculation, or worse... GAMBLING!

I will tell you right now... trading option VICTORY SPREADS is NOT gambling! It is one of the lowest risk vs highest return option trading strategies I have ever seen. In short, once you've set it up correctly, you risk a pittance to make a potential killing. What's more, you have plenty of time for it to work for you. And if it doesn't go the way you thought, more often than not you make a small profit, sometimes a small loss, but just as often, 5-10 times your return on risk. Work it out ... how many times do you need to get it right to make an overall profit?

This is an "evergreen" business. Even as the
markets shift, and the economy changes...
my system will always work!

This business will never change... the principles, once you learn them, are yours forever. You could learn these and hand them down to your children and grandchildren.

The basics of this business will never change because the underlying the principles will never change.

That's why I call it an 'evergreen' business.

Unlike franchises or other types of consumer or business-to-business markets, the stock and option markets have been around for hundreds of years. And even though the markets move and change in some ways, the principles have been the same for the past 200+ years.

Once you know what to do, trading VICTORY SPREADS is a "set and forget" system.

It has all the makings of the 'perfect' business!

The Victory Spreads video will show you EXACTLY how to set up the trade, the best stocks to run a scan for and how to adjust the positions when necessary.

Victory Spreads work for BOTH call and put options. In other words, you can take a bet both ways if you like, but with a much better risk to reward ratio than straddle options.

Top traders NEVER try to predict the market -
they only manage risk.

Most of the elite traders don't care if the market goes up or down - they make money either way. They use charts sparingly.

All top traders do is manage their risk and take advantage of the only truths of the market - the ONLY absolute truths of the market.

For stocks that ONE Absolute Truth is this:

1) All stocks fluctuate in price.

For options there are two Absolute Truths:

1) All options fluctuate in price and

2) All options expire.

The top traders learn to respect these rules because they are the ONLY truths of the market.

You might think there are other truths but there aren't--

Everything you hear about the market outside these 2 rules is hearsay, opinion, commentary and even complete fantasy.

So the top traders respect these rules because they are so powerful and it helps them cut through the 'market noise'.

Then they design their trading business around these rules to TAKE ADVANTAGE of them.

Once they see an opportunity they jump on it and simply manage their business 'by the numbers' and, for me it takes 15 minutes - sometimes less - a day.

How much can you make? Frankly, it depends on your capital, ability to learn, and your ability to maintain your discipline in this business.

Don't be concerned about how much you have to start your investment business (even though I had a considerable amount of money I could invest, I started mine with a small amount so I could learn this business). Just learn the skills and reinvest your profits - they will grow quickly.

Have you lost your CONFIDENCE?

If you've lost money in the market it can destroy your confidence. Using VICTORY SPREADS will allow you to trade with 100% confidence again because instead of hoping to make a profit by guessing what to do, you'll have a plan.

Remember what I said at the top of this letter... this is not about hype. I will never guarantee you will make money with this business because I can't tell how you'll use the information that I'm going share with you. Your success in your investment business depends on only one thing: The decisions YOU make.

The only way for you to make the right decisions is by having superior knowledge. Once you understand how to REALLY make money, you will trade with total confidence. That's what I can do for you and I do not say it lightly, it's true.

Also, I cannot give you official investment advice because I am not an investment adviser registered with the SEC and I am not a CFP (certified financial planner), so if you watch the videos and you see me trading a certain ETF or stock please do not interpret it as a recommendation.

I can show you exactly what I do, and how I do it. I'll teach you virtually everything I know about this option trading strategy; but the actual decisions you make with your money is up to only one person:


I can tell you with a high degree of certainty though -

There is no one who will tell you what I will share with you. No one.

Victory Spreads are the real deal...

It really works and very few people (even professionals) teach anyone how to do this. I know this for a fact because I've talked to some of the pros, and either they don't know this system, or else they are not willing to admit it.

On the other hand, if you want to make this a full-time business - you can! There are plenty of opportunities to make even more money if you have more time to devote to this business.

So let's see if you're the right kind of person to learn this information:

  Have you been in the market as an investor and been disappointed with the results?

  Do you stay away from the markets because you think they are too risky?

  Are you confused by technical and fundamental analysis?

  Would you like to stop GUESSING which direction the markets are going, and take the professional approach to trading as a business?

  Does the idea of managing your business 'by the numbers' make sense to you?

  Does the idea of trading stocks and options as a real business sound good to you?

If you answered 'YES' to any ONE or more of the questions above, I think you would be a good candidate for this training.

Here's what you'll be getting ...

These two videos normally forms part of Module 11 of the Trading Pro System. But this one strategy alone is so valuable that we've singled it out for special mention - and made it available to YOU for a once-only payment of just $27.

We use videos because you can SEE exactly what to do as you learn, and you can watch them over and over again (if necessary) to review and build your understanding.

You can watch the video directly on your computer... you can access it anytime of the day or night - whenever it's convenient for your schedule.

Module 11 in the Trading Pro System course includes the following description of the Victory Spread video:


Explosive Strategy #3:

This new strategy that has unlimited upside or downside potential and only $50 or so of risk! This strategy is extremely powerful and one of the biggest real 'secrets' that no one has ever discussed that I know of. Wait till you see the power of this strategy.

I've made $1000's with a total risk of $50 or so. It's extremely powerful. Think there's no free-lunch on Wall Street? This isn't one either but it's as close as it gets to one! This is the perfect strategy for playing earnings reports, takeover news stocks and any stock you think will move big in any direction with little risk.



As I mentioned previously, you will not find this material anywhere else.

The instructional video will be delivered to you 100% online, so you can get started RIGHT AWAY!


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Most of the other (not mine) online "educational" products out there for "learning how to trade" consist of cheesy ebooks, with little or no helpful content.

So please don't go wasting another $97 (or whatever) on yet another ebook that won't help you get to where you want to be!

Instead, invest in this Victory Spreads educational video which will truly put the knowledge into your hands and into your mind.

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Trade with confidence!

Owen Trimball

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P.S.-  You could attempt to learn this by trial and error on your own, but I assure you it will be a MUCH more costly "education" than the one I'm offering you today for a very reasonable price.

It cost me years of frustration, bad trades, and huge financial losses before I figured out the "secret" system. I've watched too many smart yet "uneducated" people lose their shirts in the stock market, and I don't want to see that happen to you. PLEASE... if you're going to invest your money anywhere, get my course so you can avoid the pain. I'll show you how to trade the low-risk, profitable way that will bring you profits regardless of whether the stock market is going up or down :-)

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